Blog-tember Challenge Day 9 | Oh Sweet Sixteen

Oh my. When I saw this prompt I was a little intimidated. It’s tough writing a letter to your past self. But, here we go.
Today’s Prompt: Write a letter to sixteen-year-old you. Any advice or funny stories?
Sweet 16
Dear Hannah at Sweet Sixteen,
I know that this is an awkward year for you. Growing up is really hard. You got your first job! Hooray! I am so very proud of you.
I know you feel like people don’t like you, but trust me when I say they feel the same way as you do too. You are going to face so many trials these next few years, but don’t ever give up. And always, always lean on Him and your family for comfort and guidance.
Stop playing that comparison game with your sister and your friends. You are so beautiful just the way you are. God made you unique in so many ways, and He has such wonderful plans for you! Those mean girls that mock you at school? They are just jealous of you. Just hold your head up high, stand tall, and keep walking in Him and with Him.
Those boys you are chasing after? Please don’t. In a few years they won’t mean anything to you and you’ll question why you ever thought they were so great. Give all your relationships to Christ and let Him show you the right one in time. You will struggle in this area for a long time and be single for a little while, but then God shows you your future husband one day. So have faith sweet girl! Trust in Him.
Please stop feeling like you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough. I know you have a hard time in math, but don’t let that make you feel dumb. You are so very smart in many other ways! Take delight in knowing you are a child of God & that He loves you in spite of all the mean things kids say.
Don’t be discouraged when things you want don’t work out. God is preparing you for greater things and those tiny things you want now aren’t even worth your time or energy. You can’t see it now, but trust me, His plans are better than any of the ones you’re making now.
My advice for you sweet girl? Chin up buttercup, and trust in The Lord. He won’t fail you. Trust that you are beautiful, smart, and worth the wait. God will send the right man along who will encourage you, love you, and lift you up in the good times and the bad. Trust that God’s plans are far better than your own.
I love you sweet girl and know that you will turn out just fine. Life is hard, but it is easier when you have God as your guide.
With all my love, wishes, and smiles your way,
(don’t worry about how you look in jeans, it doesn’t matter)
Hannah at twenty-three.
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