Blog-tember Day 2// A Ideal Day

What would be included in an ideal day? My oh my is that a toughie for me.
I never really think about this subject much because most of my days call for practicality.
There are a lot of fudge factors with an ideal day, but since I get to dream a little, I think I can put something together. This ideal day will most definitely take place on a Saturday in Fall, because I love that season so darn much and it’s so beautiful!
For starters, an ideal day for me would include being able to sleep in without having to be anywhere. Get up, make a good breakfast (since I never have time usually), and get some good Jesus time, journaling, and writing done before I take on activities for the rest of the day.
After breakfast, me an my hunny would get ready and go take a stroll in one of the local parks. Being in nature is one of our favorite things. Next, we would go window shopping for a little while and see what good deals we can snag before heading back to a park for an intimate picnic lunch by the water while taking in the beauty of Fall and all the wonderful colors and the wonderful temps!
After our picnic, we would head to our favorite coffee shop for some chai lattes and dessert! After we finish, we would head back home and start making a delicious dinner together. After dinner, we would snuggle up and watch a favorite classic movie before turning in for the night.
What an awesome day that would be if an ideal day were doable! Wouldn’t it be nice if every day you could wake up feeling relaxed without having umpteen tasks to do?
What about you? What’s YOUR ideal day like?
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