Blog-tember Day 3 // Collage Your Blog

I’m gonna be honest, when I saw the challenge for today I was a little intimidated haha.
I’m not really sure how to describe my blog in pictures, but I tried my best.
I’ve never really done a mood board before, but it seems to be a fun little thing to do albeit time consuming.
So, without further ado, here’s my blog collage!
My cousin helped me pick out colors when I first made this blog, and I immediately fell in love with this color scheme!
Originally I wanted mint green but I think I am loving the teal so much better!
When I think of my blog, I want it to be a place that is warm and welcoming, much like a home would be to its guests.
So, clearly bright fun colors with a few neutrals are welcoming and enjoyable right?? Ha ha
My blog is all over the place when it comes to what I write about. I consider myself a lifestyle blogger because, well, I don’t just talk about one specific thing. I talk about faith, favorites of mine, occasional recipes and all sorts of things!
I couldn’t possibly pick pictures(besides what my color scheme was) to describe this blog.
However, Psalm 19:14 is becoming my blog verse. Because, I want everything on this blog that I write to be acceptable in His eyes, so that verse is perfect for this purpose.
Anyways, Since this blog describes me a little, I am definitely a person who loves bright colors and fun color schemes! I know one day my home will be this way too where every room is fresh with pops of color and inviting!
What’s your blog like?? 🙂
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