Blog-tember Day 4 // Present Passions

Good Morning Everyone! I’ve never posted twice in one day before, but this blogtemberchallenge just happened to coincide with my Grace series I started last week! So, I hope you will take time to read both today!
Okay, moving on to the challenge for today. What are my passions. Man that is a toughie! I am so passionate about so many things, but I will see if I can narrow it down to 5, so here we go.
This one stands at the tip top of my passions because, Christ has radically changed me and I want the world to know it. The other night at a bonfire, one of the pastors talked about how our story, regardless of what it looks like, matters and that Christ has radically changed us. I want to take my faith in Jesus and put it into action in my life. I am changed because Christ changed me. Why wouldn’t you want to share that!? I know that I still sin and fall short everyday, but I want to make a better effort to live like Christ did and let Him be my guide.
My family has played a ginormous role in making me who I am today. I would not be half the woman I am without the support and fierce-less love of my family. They mean so much to me and I don’t know what I would do without them. I am not an easy person to love, yet, they love  me unconditionally and have stuck with me through it all. My siblings and I used to not get along very well, and I still have a few minor issues with my younger brother, but since my sister moved out and recently got married, I feel our relationship is growing closer. I am so thankful that God blessed me with such a rock of a family.
This has been a fairly recent passion I have discovered. And frankly, I think God has a sense of humor in leading me into this because, just two years ago I was so anti-teaching and thought “I’m not cut out for this, SURELY God won’t tell me to do that!” Well, I was wrong. Word of advice: Don’t ever tell God you can’t do something, because He will laugh at you and make it your passion like He did me haha! But, really, I adore teaching. I taught a 4-5 year olds preschool sunday school class at church for 2 years, and those kids changed my life more than I changed theirs. It is such a major blessing.
I have always been one to create, I just never knew it until recently. I wholeheartedly agree with Miss Bailey Jean that I was created by my Creator to create. Love that! I am creative in ways like music, and other assorted crafts. I love it and it brings me joy and comfort when I get to create things! I also feel so accomplished when I do them!! I always used to be one to talk down to myself and say I “couldn’t” because of what people “thought” of me. Thankfully, that is changing even though I still have bouts of self-doubt every now and again.
Well friends, I have narrowed it down to 4 things I’m passionate about. I could probably go on for hours about other things The Lord has laid on my heart, but they would all probably fit into one of these 4 categories so I’ll just leave it at that for now.
What are all of YOU passionate about!? I’d love to hear!
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