Blog-Tember Day 5// Do The Shuffle

Today’s Prompt: Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.
Well, that was a little bit of a challenge for me because, well, I don’t use iTunes very much because my car doesn’t allow me use it while I drive and I’ve never needed it.
So, I look in Spotify to see if by chance I had some kind of a playlist and found one (mind you I haven’t used this in years).
So, here we go with my top 10 songs from that playlist! I hope that you enjoy them, friends! 
Well, there we have it folks! What can I say? I adore Christian & Country music. Christian is really all I listen to anymore because it just puts me in a spirit of praise and thankfulness throughout the day.
I may not use online music all that much, but I still listen to CD’s all the time haha! I hope one day to have a car with sirius fm or a hookup that allows me to take my music on the go, but for now I can’t.
What’s your music library like?
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