About Hannah

I love Jesus, My husband, my children, a great cup of coffee, owls and teal.

I’m a Chattanooga based blogger + small biz owner with big dreams. Coffee is my love language, and a few of my favorite things are owls and the color teal.

Keep reading to learn even more about my heart and this sweet little space of mine on the internet.

My dream was always to own my own business. Now, by the grace of God, I do. I have always desired to turn this blog into my full-time job, but this time I am doing it through my shop instead of as an influencer like I had initially imagined. Just a few short years ago, I started a blog as a way to tell my story never thinking it would become my passion. Now, all these years later, this big dreamer quit the retail gig and be an Entrepreneur and a work-from-home mama.

Since starting this site in 2014, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve had my share of ups, downs, and sideways along the way, but one thing that’s remained consistent is my desire to be an Entrepreneur. In that time frame I’ve graduated college, gotten married, moved to a big city, welcomed my first baby, and launched my sublimation business.

Most days you can find me snuggled up on the couch with my sweet husband, son, and our 2 cats watching a tv police drama (or Blippi/Ms Rachel, #momlife) and drinking my survival juice of coffee. I often spend a lot of time chasing my son around and picking up the tornado trail of carnage he often leaves behind. My house is decorated with two of my favorite things: owls and the color teal (in case you haven’t noticed). Although I love writing, I have a secret talent not many know about: I love to sing and play guitar. It’s been something I have loved to do since I was in middle school. I’ve even penned a few of my own songs too, actually. One of which my own mama helped me write for my daddy. It’s one of my favorites!

Right now I am probably sippin’ away at yet another cup of coffee (#momlife), entertaining my toddler & dreamin’ up all the ways I can encourage other Believer’s & Big Dreamers like me. I love encouraging + helping people.

When I’m not typing away at my desk, I enjoy getting outside with my husband and son. Whether walking, hiking, or biking, being outdoors is so refreshing! But the best part, is getting to take a long nap after being outside (provided our son lets us).

My fire really gets fanned when I help people and see them succeed! It brings me sooo much joy when I am able to help someone “get it” or help them feel less alone in the battles they’re facing. I wanna be that friend that comes alongside ya and says “hey, you can do this!” and reminds you that you’re not alone.


If I could only eat one food for eternity, it would be:

Banana pudding

My favorite titles I wear:

Christ follower, Wife, Mama, Friend & Creative

In my spare time I love to:

Plan out my dream house

My least favorite house chore is:

Laundry + Folding/Putting it away

My favorite way to relax is:

Bubble baths with music + candles

My biggest fear is: 

Public speaking

My biggest goal is:

To be able to give myself the same kind of grace + love I give to others

My hairstyle is:

Naturally curly & I honestly used to hate it/hide it. But now, I love it.

I obsess over:

Fonts & things being centered, literally everywhere lol

My guilty pleasure is: 

Right now, it’s Oreos. But really I can go for any dessert!

Bonus! My husband is a(n):

Absolutely amazing husband + father and I am grateful for him daily.