Quarter 2 Goals

Oh hi, April! I can’t believe it’s already April. Is it just me, or is this year flying by!? Currently it’s 79 outside and I’m sitting inside writing this quarter goals post to you, because me being the stubborn genius that I am decided to walk barefoot on pavement and I’m now nursing 4 foot blisters! Ahhhh life haha! But, I am glad to be writing to you nonetheless.

Today we’re talking bout them goals from January through March and I’m setting myself some new quarter goals for this next quarter of the year. I can’t remember at all what the quarter goals from last time were, so I’m gonna do a recap and see if I happened to achieve any of them! Oh, I’ve gotta know friend, what goals do YOU have!? If you don’t mind leaving me a comment and letting me know, I’d love to cheer you on as you aim to accomplish them!

Quarter 1 Goals| A Recap


1. Create more products for the shop

Because I got a Cricut machine for Christmas, this part will become easier and I am pretty pumped about making products!

2. Launch a podcast!

I have been wanting to do this for a little while, and so I’m gonna make it my goal to try and launch this month. If it doesn’t happen, then that’s okay cause I’ve got all year.

3. Learn more about photography

Taking your own blog photos can be somewhat challenging. Especially for someone like me who is B-A-D at posing herself and looking remotely natural lol. So, I am making it a goal to learn some more about how to do all that!


1. Practice deep breathing 

I’ve got a really bad habit of getting angry when things decide to not work properly. That’s shameful to admit, but I did make it a previous goal to be more vulnerable. So, I am going to try to take more deep breaths and walk away in place of angry outbursts at things that are out of my control.

2. Eat less. Even if I still think I am hungry

Anybody else have an overeating problem? I love food, but I need to learn how to control my portions. So, one of my goals is to eat less, even if my brain tells me I am still hungry. My husband always says my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so hopefully this shift will help with that!

3. Be less of a hermit

Okay, I am such a hermit most of the time. I prefer staying home or by myself than out and about. So, I am gonna try to be less of a hermit and get out more. Even if that means going for a short walk, which wouldn’t be so bad to do anyways.

How’d I do?

1. BLOGGING: Create more products for the shop

Yes! I have been actively working on this one! While it’s still a rather slow process, I have made progress so #progressoverperfection right!?

1. PERSONAL: Practice deep breathing 

Erm, I have good days and bad days. #progressoverperfection though! I think my next step will be to place this reminder everywhere and maybe figure out if I can train my Apple watch to say “breathe, you’re too stressed” lol.

2. BLOGGING: Launch a podcast!

All I have managed to do so far is create an intro for it, so that’s progress! The launch will probably be moved to the Summer when I’m a little more flexible with my time!

2. PERSONAL: Eat less. Even if I still think I am hungry

So far, I have been trying. Sometimes it’s really hard, because hello desserts! But the important thing is I am trying. Can you tell I have a mantra this month? #progressoverperfection

3. BLOGGING: Learn more about photography

I have definitely been researching this and learning some tips+tricks from friends and my sister who is a pro photographer! Check her out!

3. PERSONAL: Be less of a hermit

YES! I have my social butterfly husband to thank for this mostly, because he’s been taking us to go walking on nice days and we’ve been home a lot less! Hopefully I can find a way to keep this trend going while I’m looking for a job lol.

Quarter 2 Goals


1. Be consistent on Instagram!

You guys, I am a pretty awful Instagrammer. Mostly because I struggle with comparison a lot and let that discourage me from sharing because I feel I’m not “good enough”. But, slowly I plan on changing that mindset and I’m not gonna let a silly app dictate how I feel about myself! So I am making it my goal this quarter to be consistent on Instagram even when I am feeling down. If you remember from quarter 4, I said I wanted to be more vulnerable. And it’s gonna start in this space and continue on social media! Will you be my accountability partners in this?

2. Be consistent with my newsletter!

I’m gonna be honest. I struggle so hard with remembering to send out a newsletter to my email list. While it isn’t a huge list, I have people who are on that list and I fail to send out newsletters sometimes! So, one of my quarter goals for these next few months is to try and be more consistent in sending out a newsletter.

3. Be consistently planning content!

Another area I sometimes struggle in, is planning out content in advance. I used to be so good at planning things when I was in school and kept everything in my planner, but I’ve kinda lost my footing in that department. So, I’m gonna make this another one of my quarter goals to try and consistently plan out content!


1. Have more confidence in myself!

This is a struggle for a lot of us. There’s a mental war we engage in with ourselves a lot where we bounce between knowing we are great at something and still feeling inadequate because we fall trap to comparison. I may have mentioned this one before, but it’s still a goal I want to work towards because it’s something I struggle with daily.

2. Let go of the past!

I am pretty bad at letting it go. As much as I’d like to channel my inner Elsa and say I “let it go”, I usually don’t. In fact, I often dwell on the past so much that it affects how I react to certain things and situations and I can’t move on. So, a goal of mine this quarter is to make a conscious effort to literally let it go and don’t let things from the past keep me from moving forward.

3. Start keeping a journal!

When I was younger, I used to journal all the time. However, as I’ve gotten older and life has gotten busier, I have gotten out of the habit of it. Honestly journaling is such a good habit to have because it allows us to get out how we are feeling without letting our emotions build up to the point that we just burst from it. This quarter, I’m going to try and pick back up journaling.

And it looks to me like these next few months are gonna be jam packed. These quarter goals are intentional ones and I honestly look forward to working at them. These type posts are some of my favorite ones to do because they keep me on my toes and encourage me to keep striving toward goals I’m scared of in hopes of being better because of them.

I hope that you join me in working toward these quarter goals with your own unique set of goals! Know that I’ll be here cheering you on along the way and whispering in your ear “you can do this!” when you feel down and discouraged. Hey, all of us have been there and we can’t make progress without great people who encourage us along the way, and I want to be that for you. So, Happy April friends and happy Goal Setting!

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