Seeing Jesus In The Mundane + Ordinary

We’ve all done it. We go about our day the same way we always do. Trips to the grocery store, picking kids up from school, driving to games, doing housework. We do the things that need to be done and looking forward to the day’s tasks being over. But how many times have you stopped wishing the day away to actually see Jesus in the ordinary and mundane?

Have you thought about where He is during your day-to-day instead of just on Sundays? Take it from someone who gets it. I am guilty of doing this too. Here’s the thing, once we invite Jesus into our lives, we pretend He only exists in the cavities of our hearts. In reality, He is in everything we do and everywhere we go. 

To be able to see Jesus in the things we do every day requires a shift in perspective. It makes me think of 1 Corinthians 10:31. It states: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God“. To me, this means regardless of what our daily demands are, we do everything to bring God glory. He graciously gave His life for ours so that we could eternally be with Him. Our lives should be a direct reflection of Him because He is in us. No matter what that looks like for each of us. Whether that is going grocery shopping, cleaning, taking kids’ places, or simply going to work.

We see Jesus in the mundane and ordinary when we see things as holy tasks instead of ordinary occurrences. When we fix our gaze on Him instead of on our daily tasks, our perspective shifts. We go from serving ourselves, to serving Him THROUGH the things we do every day. Did this slap you in the face? Cause it sure did me. And, I’m okay with that!

We see Jesus in the mundane and ordinary when we see things as holy tasks instead of ordinary occurrences.

Instead of wishing the day away like we often do, we need to be intentional. Keeping ourselves in check about our attitude as we work on the things we do every day. The main reason I am writing all of this to you is not just to encourage you in this. I also wrote it as a way to keep myself accountable as I try to live this out myself. It’s not easy, and we’re never going to be perfect at it, but the best we can do is try. And I think that’s what Jesus wants of us. To try. 

We offer what we can with what we have and try to make the most of it. Try to let Jesus lead our lives and not the other way around. We try to do it all with glad and sincere hearts knowing that some days we will fall. But we also know that when we do, Jesus is beside us and with us. He is always waiting with open arms to embrace all His children when things are good and when they aren’t. 

This is seeing Jesus in the mundane and the ordinary because He is with us always in everything we do. We see Him when we shift our perspective from seeing the things we have to do, to seeing the things we get to do that also serve and glorify Christ in the process. It’s living with purpose and intent instead of living in the mundane and ordinary.

I challenge you and myself after reading this, no matter what the tasks you have, to shift your perspective. Choose to see Jesus in the mundane and the ordinary. Whether you are working, cleaning, chauffeuring, or whatever else. Live with purpose and intent in how you serve, knowing that all things are done to give glory to God. You, dear friend, are a big part of HIStory even in the seemingly ordinary and mundane. 

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