Quarter 3 Goals + Why I Switched to Quarterly Goals

Hey hey! Happy July, friends! And Happy Friday! I know we’re almost through July now, but that’s life, right? It’s also still mind boggling that this year is half over already. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t done a lot of goals posts recently. That’s for a few reasons, and here’s why: monthly goals became harder for me to keep up with when life got hectic, so I couldn’t post them as often. The other reason, is because I began feeling like all of my monthly goals were getting a bit repetitive. I’ve seen several other bloggers who have switched to quarterly goals the last few months, and I wanted to try myself because I feel they will be easier and more productive overall. 

This will be the first time I will be truly focusing on my goals with this perspective, because reality is, my goals are more of a process and take time. Having quarterly goals gives me a lot more freedom to accomplish those goals with less pressure. I believe I will be so happy that I made the switch, and I look forward to being productive with everything! When life throws curveballs at you, or you just don’t have as much time to spend on things as you’d like, quarterly goals make that burden lighter and make me happier overall. 



Quarter 3 Goals



 1. Create & maintain a content + social strategy 

This one is a serious goal I am adamant about doing. To be successful as a blogger, you have to, have to, HAVE TO have a plan. No more sitting idle for me, I am gonna make it happen.  2. Open up a shop This one has been a goal of mine for months now, and I recently revealed so in this post and why. It’s already in the works, but as things typically go when you host yourself, my site is having some issues with a plugin and that’s getting fixed. But, it’s gonna happen.  3. Grow my social following I am going to research strategies on how best to achieve this, but my main focus is growing organically. If you want to follow along, the links are at the end of this post and in the sidebar!   Quarterly Goals Photo   PERSONAL: 1. Lose 10 lbs and get toned   This one is hard, as I really hate exercise. However, I know this will be good for me and make me overall healthier and happier. So far, my husband and I are riding bikes in the evening and this should help! 2. Take a much needed vacation             This is actually already in the works, and I could not be more excited! I really need some time away from life things and all the hustle and bustle to relax and recharge.  3. Work through some emotional stress As a female, I have crazy emotions as it is. But, I also have a lot of unresolved emotional issues that I need to work through. So, the next few months, I am going to work on that to be happier and healthier.    Quarterly Goals Photo 2   And that’s all I’ve got for this quarter’s goals! I will have some smaller ones for sure, but these are the biggest ones for me right now. I hope you’ll join me as we accomplish our goals this year! Comment with what yours are below! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and a Happy Friday as it’s the last workday of the week!  P.S. Be sure to follow along with me on social media! You can find the links below! Can’t wait to see you there, friend!
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