Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

It’s so hard to believe that I am now 6 months pregnant, and I only have 15 short weeks left! I never thought I’d be one to do a Bumpdate, that is until I got pregnant, and here we are. Things are a lot harder to accomplish nowadays, as I am always out of breath. Despite that, I’ve somehow managed to be able to shave and do my nails, so I call that successful, lol. I feel like I have a beach ball inside of me already, and baby and I just keep growing daily. So, lets recap the last few months in this bumpdate!

How far along: 25 weeks (almost 26)!

Gender: BOY! 💙💙

Baby size: The size of a papaya and he weighs about a pound and a half now!

Cravings: The whole pregnancy I have wanted Chick-fil-A a lot, and I have craved mostly salty & savory foods!

Aversions: I haven’t really wanted fish, ha. Once, when I had a cyst, fish made me sick. Since getting pregnant, I am terrified to eat it for fear of getting sick, so I avoid it.

Movement: I’ve only been feeling him move since 20 weeks since I have an anterior placenta on the front of my uterus acting as a barrier. Since then, however, his kicks have just kept getting stronger. Little man LOVES to wake me up in the morning punching me by my belly button. He also enjoys tormenting me the second I lay down to sleep, and my husband and I just laugh! He’s extremely active, and anytime I move a way he doesn’t appreciate, he makes sure to let me know, lol.

Outfits: I am living in all the flowy maternity tops or t-shirts and shorts right now. Walmart and Old Navy have been my go-to stores for pretty much everything.

Belly button: It surprisingly hasn’t changed much. It may or may not become an outie as I progress, but we will see!

Sickness: I’ve only ever had queasiness & severe hunger pangs when I’m hungry, but it goes away after I eat. I have been fortunate to not throw up once during pregnancy, and I am hoping that continues.

Weight gain: I’ve gained about 20-25 pounds so far, and I can certainly feel it. I basically have to wear shoes at home all the time now cause it hurts to walk barefoot on hard surfaces 😂

Physical changes: Obviously I am a looooot rounder in the middle now. One of the hardest physical changes has been the lower back problems I’ve had. In addition to the weight, I also have sciatica and little man stays cozy on my left side. So, I just manage it by doing some easy stretches to loosen my tight muscles. The other thing that’s been rather painful sometimes is round ligament pain from the expanding everything. It primarily affects my ribs though, and that can be quite uncomfortable at times, especially when breathing.

Skincare: To be honest, I haven’t really changed much, because I have always had pretty clear skin. The only thing I use daily is my Norwex Body Cloth and soap for sensitive skin cause I’m allergic to so much. The only thing I’ve changed is switching up my hair products since my hair has gotten thicker. This shampoo and conditioner is amazing, as well as this hair gel!

Workouts: Walking in general, lol. I have not really been able to do much outside of gently walking, because I get so short of breath. My husband and I try to go on regular walks, and are hoping to swim some soon as well.

What we’re most excited about: We’re both just excited for him to be here really. I am curious to see who he looks more like feature-wise, what his personality is like, and the things he loves.

What we’re least excited about: Neither of us look forward to being sleep deprived and abruptly changing our routines. I am terrified of actual labor. When push comes to shove (pun absolutely intended 😜), I know I can do it, but it’s quite honestly terrifying haha. I’m also not looking forward to finding a pediatrician, because I am really picky about a lot of things, and also interviewing people makes this dreadful lol.

I’ve had the sweetest friends gift me with the two mugs pictured above! Everyone has been so excited for my husband and I on this journey, & celebrated us so much along the way. Our little man is already SO loved, and we can’t wait to finally meet him earth side! I already love being his mama so far, and I know it just gets sweeter from here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this bumpdate post as much as I’ve had fun writing it. If you have any pregnancy-related questions for me, let me know and I’ll try to tackle another bumpdate post on it!

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